Box of 10 Assorted Wax Melts


Enjoy a selection of 10 Assorted Soya Wax Melts which will fill your home with beautiful natural fragrances. Simply place your Wax Melt into the bowl of your favourite Oil Burner and light a Tea-Light underneath and wait for your room to be filled with the natural scents. 


They are presented in a beautiful box containing one of each scent: 


Clean Laundry

Pomegranate Black 

Bergamot Verbena

English Lavender

Strawberries and Cream

Green Tea and Lemongrass

Mediterranean Fig 

English Rose

Lemon & Pine

Orange, Lime & Basil


The box contains 10 melts


Each melt burns for 20 hours  


Lovely mother and son team Freckleface produce these hand poured wax melts in Lincolnshire. Each exquisite melt is moulded into a flower, heart, star or pattern and infused with petals and herbs. 

Freckleface Vegan Wax Melts, Mixed Box of 10



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